Early Summer

I was surprised by how many laughs Ozu got out of us. I did not expect to laugh as much as I did, which was a pleasant surprise.

I thought the clash between traditionalism and modernity was very well done, we saw it on many different levels, from dress to architecture to speech.

I also found that a lot of shots were repeated throughout the film in the families home. This, for me, really lent a great sense of intimacy, like the audience was a fixture of the home, never to be moved.

I also observed that of the very few track or dolly shots, most camera movements started after the action had taken place and only led into a cut to another scene.

As I mentioned in class, I found a lot of the synchronous movement strangely appealing.  Something about it made me feel that this family was very tightly connected.

In addition, I liked how I didn’t really know what the film was about until it ended.

Im going to think about the film some more, let it marinate, we’ll see if I come up with anything else worth sharing.

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  1. I noticed repition of some of the shots as well. Especially, when the camera was in the back of the hallway pointing to the entry of the kitchen which is the only area lit up. I can practically draw out that shot by heart, that’s how well I remember it because it was shown so many times. Dont worry, throughout the whole film I kept questioning myself wondering what was this movie about and who is the main character. Once you realize they keep talking about Noriko getting married, then you start understanding a little.

  2. Yeah I was also surprised at how much I laughed throughout this film. Overall I felt that the film was a bit slow paced, and the plot was dragged. I don’t know. I just wished at the end we would be able to see the couple get married, but nope. 🙁

  3. I agree with you about the laughing. I was cracking up the entire time. I also agree with you with liking the clash between traditionalism and modernity. I especially saw it between the children and their elders. The way the children were talking back made the time seem way more modern than it was, and also not completely culturally correct. My roommate is Japanese and she said that even today, the culture is very focused on respecting and honoring your elders. It was still very comical, though!

    I agree with Jenny, too, I would have liked to see the marriage. And I would have liked to see Noriko’s suitor! I was very disappointed when the scene ended and we never saw the man that everyone made such a big deal about!

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